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Dennis P Kane

Dennis P. Kane

Former VP, Mktg & Sales, Phadia

Dennie brings over 35 years Sales and Marketing experience in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. Prior to joining the Board of Armune, Dennie successfully led the US sales and marketing efforts supporting the growth of allergy testing for Phadia AB (formerly Pharmacia Diagnostics, with global headquarters in Uppsala, Sweden.) Over the last several years he has also supported the global and regional sales and marketing growth strategies for specific IgE in Europe and Japan. Prior to the work in Phadia, he worked to build the disease management business and expand the usage of pharmacoeconomics for The Upjohn Company prior to the merger of Upjohn and Pharmacia in 1996.During his tenure at Phadia, his vision and leadership brought forth a new commercial strategic framework, new direction and new clinical concepts, and understanding of US healthcare combined to support expanded use of specific IgE testing in the enhanced management of allergy and asthma. His experience, knowledge and initiatives lead to continuous double digit US sales growth for nearly a decade. In addition, under his direction, the sales team grew from less than 20 to over 200 sales professionals. Dennie received his BA from Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, Michigan.