A Special Follow Up Premier Endpoint Interview with David Esposito of Armune BioScience

Armune BioScience has developed the peer-reviewed and validated prostate-cancer-risk-assessment technology Apifiny®—a cancer specific, non-PSA blood test that may aid clinicians in the assessment of risk for the presence of prostate cancer.

We are delighted present a follow up interview with David Esposito, President and Chief Executive Officer at Armune BioScience, Kalamazoo, Michigan. Our original interview with David was conducted last year and is available here: at the following link: http://premierendpoint.com/interview-david-esposito-armune-apifiny/

STEPHEN STRUDWICK: Thank you for talking with us again! Could you please provide an update on the clinical development of Apifiny?

DAVID ESPOSITO: Apifiny is a risk assessment tool for prostate cancer with eight biomarkers to measure the immune system’s response to the cancer. We just recently launched Apifiny PRO with ten biomarkers, and then Apifiny Active Surveillance with 12 biomarkers. Apifiny PRO helps to differentiate the risk of indolent versus aggressive prostate cancer, and Apifiny Active Surveillance is used to aid clinicians in the differentiation of non-aggressive versus aggressive prostate cancer in men with a positive biopsy for prostate cancer who are not receiving treatment.

We launched the data to support these two new products at the American Urologic Association (AUA) meeting in Boston in May. They should be available for ordering in the next 30 days and we launched our initial data at the AUA to get clinicians familiar with the information. So, it’s been an exciting time for our company.

Apifiny, with eight biomarkers, will now move towards being more focused on the primary care market because primary care clinicians are looking for a risk assessment tool to help move beyond PSA-based testing. The urologist’s clinical questions are focused much more on assessing the risk of aggressive disease which is where Apifiny PRO fits to address the need in urology.

So that’s how we see the product line shaping up. We’ve completed over 11,000 Apifiny tests since launch. Reviewing our data from 2016, we are being reimbursed about $450 from insurance and patients combined. We have been working towards raising a B round of financing, but frankly, we’ve been in the middle of some discussions with a number of large diagnostic companies to either to license our library or acquire the business. We hope to make some decisions over the next few months.

That is an update on the business. We haven’t had quite the funding to fully scale commercial efforts, but we think this next round of financing will help us get there.

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