Company Overview

Cancer Test Company OverviewArmune BioScience develops and commercializes blood tests that leverage the warning signals produced by the body’s immune system in response to the onset of cancer. The company has developed the peer-reviewed and validated prostate-cancer-risk-assessment technology APIFINY®—a cancer specific, non-PSA blood test that may aid clinicians in the assessment of risk for the presence of prostate cancer. The product is immediately available to physicians for clinical use…

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Armune BioScience IconMission & Vision

Armune BioScience was founded on the mission to improve the detection of cancer. Our vision is to become a trusted and valued partner throughout the world to improve the detection of cancer…

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Our TechnologyArmune cancer detection technology

Armune BioScience has developed a commercially available, non-PSA blood-testing technology to aid in the assessment of risk for the presence of prostate cancer. The company has several projects at various stages of research and development to commercialize similar technologies for lung and breast cancer. In addition to assisting with the diagnosis of cancer, Armune is also developing technologies to assist in the prognosis of the disease and monitoring of treatments…

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Our People

Armune BioScience has assembled a team of experienced professionals in the emerging field of disease detection from the many disciplines critical to our success: biotechnology, discovery research, biomedical diagnostics, pathology, urology, oncology, computational medicine, economics and business management.

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