Information for Patients

What to Expect

Prostate Cancer Risk Assessment ScoreAPIFINY® is a simple blood test that requires only a small amount of blood.

  1. Getting Started – Based on the results of cancer-detection and screening methods including PSA, Digital Rectal Exam (DRE), or biopsy procedures, you and your doctor may elect for additional prostate-cancer information with the APIFINY test. Your physician can order the test directly from Armune BioScience.
  2. Receiving the Test – The APIFINY test sample is collected either through a standard blood draw or through a finger-prick method. The sample tube is then sent to the Armune BioScience Laboratory for analysis.
  3. Understanding the Test Results – Final written reports of test results are generated at the completion of the analysis and sent to the ordering physician. You are assigned an APIFINY Score, which your doctor will then discuss with you.

What Your APIFINY Score Means Regarding the Presence of Cancer

Your APIFINY Score ranks the risk assessment for prostate cancer on a scale of 0–100. Based on your individual test results, your doctor will discuss the significance of your score with you, along with the next steps in the course of action.

Prostate Cancer Risk Score

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