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Non-PSA Prostate Cancer Detection TestAPIFINY is a prostate-cancer-specific blood test that does not rely on PSA values. The technology measures specific biological markers known to be associated with an immune system response to prostate cancer.

According to independent statistical analysis, the APIFINY test results may correlate well with prostate-cancer risk. As with any test, you and your physician should discuss APIFINY technology, and how it may be suitable for you. If used, you and your doctor can then discuss your APIFINY Score; and how it may relate to any other tests and clinical information obtained during routine exams in order to determine the next steps in your care.

  • APIFINY is for men who have an elevated PSA and are considering a prostate biopsy.
  • APIFINY may help you and your doctor make more informed decisions about your care.

Ask your doctor about the APIFINY non-PSA prostate cancer test today.

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