APIFINY® [uh-pif-eh-nee] is a simple blood test that measures specific biological markers known to be associated with an immune system response to prostate cancer. Such autoantibodies are detectable in a patient’s serum, providing the basis for Armune’s risk assessment blood test.

It is well known that early detection improves long-term survival rates, therefore this technology along with current screening and detection methods, including family history, may provide additional insight for clinicians to aid in a clinical decision for determining a patient’s risk of prostate cancer.

By all accounts, the current methods for the screening and detection of prostate cancer using PSA testing, family history, digital rectal exam, and prostate biopsies are not perfect.

Key Risks

25 Percent of Men with Negative Biopsy Have Cancer

  • False negatives and false positives in PSA tests.2
  • False negatives from biopsy tests.3
  • Receiving unnecessary treatment for non-life-threatening, slow-growing tumors that can lead to compromised quality of life including impotence and incontinence.
  • Prostate-cancer biopsy can result in serious complications such as infection and sepsis.

APIFINY uses a proprietary serum-diagnostics technology and is the only cancer specific, non-PSA blood test available today. Based on clinical comparisons of blood samples from men known to have prostate cancer and control samples, Armune BioScience has found considerable evidence that the presence of cancer can elicit a detectable immune-system response. Understanding that autoantibodies generated against tumor activity may be used as the basis for cancer screening,1 Armune BioScience developed APIFINY to offer medical professionals an additional method for assessing prostate cancer risk.

Key Benefits of the APIFINY Blood Test

APIFINY may help medical professionals:

  • Identify additional biological markers to aid in the assessment of prostate-cancer risk.
  • Limit the number of unnecessary prostate-cancer biopsies.

Prostate Cancer Risk Assessment

How APIFINY Non-PSA Test Measures Prostate Cancer Risk

APIFINY is for use by primary-care physicians, urologists, and oncologists alike.



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