Our People

Eli Thomssen

Eli Thomssen, MBA

Chief Business Officer

Eli Thomssen was the founding President & CEO of Armune BioScience, Inc., and led the Company through the prostate cancer diagnostic assay confirmation and validation process. Eli stepped down to become the Chief Business Officer to focus on business development opportunities and raise additional funds. Eli was a founding principal of the Apjohn Group, a business accelerator group that helped found Armune. Prior to forming Armune BioScience, Eli was a co-founder of Azenic Dental, and prior to forming Azenic Eli was a co-founder and Chief Business Officer of Afmedica, Inc. until this company was sold to Angiotech Pharmaceuticals. Eli has also held Board positions with numerous companies and organizations including Armune, ProNAi, Azenic Dental, Vestaron and the Michigan Maritime Museum.

Eli spent most of his career in the pharmaceutical industry before becoming a founding principal of the Apjohn Group. His last position at Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health was Vice President, Business Development and Strategic Planning, which he left in 1999. While at Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health, Eli held a variety of marketing and administrative positions, including sales management, product management, productions planning, distribution, and customer services. The business development position at Pharmacia & Upjohn encompassed worldwide merger & acquisition and technology licensing. Eli lead each team that was responsible for identifying opportunities, valuing the business, conducting due diligence, finalizing all agreements and organizing the integration teams. This responsibility included acquiring and selling businesses, and both in-licensing and out-licensing of technology.

Eli has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nebraska and a MBA from Western Michigan University.