About Armune BioScience

Armune BioScience, Inc. develops and commercializes molecular diagnostic and prognostic tests for prostate, lung, and breast cancers that may allow physicians and patients to make more personalized treatment decisions. The company was founded by members of the Apjohn Group, LLC, a business accelerator that brings together valuable resources of management talent and angel/seed financing.

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About Apifiny™

Apifiny is a technology that takes advantage of a man’s own immune system which generates autoantibodies against tumor activity in prostate tissue. Such autoantibodies are detectable in a patient’s serum, providing the basis for Armune’s minimally invasive early diagnostic test. It is well known that early detection of cancer will improve long term survival rates, so this technology may potentially have a profound effect on this disease.


For Patients

Apifiny test results, along with other current screening and detection methods, including family history, may provide additional insight for your physician to make an earlier diagnosis and develop an effective treatment plan.

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About Prostate Cancer

For Physicians

Find out more about Apifiny and how it may fit within the clinical management process for patients.

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For Investors

Armune BioScience, Inc. is a Delaware corporation formed in 2008 with corporate headquarters in Kalamazoo, MI. Product development and commercialization laboratories are located in Ann Arbor, MI.


Laboratory Partners

Armune BioScience is actively seeking clinical laboratories interested in expanding the access of emerging diagnostic technologies.


Physician Partners

Armune BioScience is actively seeking urologists interested in participating in the launch of Apifiny.


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